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  1. B1223X

    Kirk Degiorgio

    Format: Vinyl, Download

    Coloured vinyl version of B1223

    Kirk Degiorgio, the man behind Future Past and As One, continues to innovate with unique sounds and dance floor friendly beats. The Isomer Shift EP is an uncompromising set of progressive dance floor beats in the tradition of Craig/Saunderson and Beltram.

    Also available on black vinyl as B1223

    See B1223 for more details

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    A SIDE - B12 Records - Dance Interlude

    B SIDE - The Future Continues . You Hold The Key

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Isomer Shift
    2. B1 Isidora
    3. B1 Pugnaxian Wisdom
    4. B2 Traverse

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    Release Date: 28th August, 2009