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  1. B1218

    Kirk Degiorgio

    Format: Vinyl, MP3

    Kirk Digiorgio returns to B12 with a storming Techno track "I Do Not Exist". The EP includes and Alternative Mix by B12. The standard edition EP is available on black vinyl and MP3 and there is a Limited edition clear vinyl version B1218X, limited to 500 copies.

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    A Side - Sound Obsession . ~ . Sound Obsession . ~ . Sound Obsession . ~ . Sound Obsession . ~ . this record does not exist B1218A

    B1218B There is always more than one - btwelve remains

    Track Listing

    1. A1 I Do Not Exist (Original Mix)
    2. B1 I Do Not Exist (B12 Alternative Mix)
    3. B2 Accretion

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    Release Date: 17th December, 2007