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  1. B1216SE


    Format: Vinyl

    Second Edition repress of B1216. This Second Edition has different colour label artwork and is LIMITED to 500 copies. Once these are sold there will be no more vinyl copies left.

    See B1216 for more details...

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    B1216 Side A
    Inner Edge - B1216A
    Inner Edge - ? B12 records 2007

    Centre Scroll - Ride the slope
    Centre Scroll - Ride the slope
    Centre Scroll - Ride the slope

    Outer Edge - B12 records
    Outer Edge - It happens again
    Outer Edge - Remember ?. Don?t be afraid
    Outer Edge - Conceived and constructed by Mike Golding + Steve Rutter
    Outer Edge - one soundscape two minds three divergent viewpoints

    B1216 Side B
    Inner Edge - B1216B : Static Glitch ! Basic Glitch ? Active Glitch ? : We found you here

    Artist Commentary

    "10 Years older and 10 years wiser? - I don't think so!" - Steve Rutter

    "The Atari, Roland JD800, Roland Juno106, Yamaha DX100, Roland 808, Roland 909, Roland 303, Akai AX80, Akai S3000 all committed to hardware heaven." - Steve Rutter

    "I hope people can appreciate our new music as well as the old, thanks to everyone for their support over the years." - Mike Golding

    Track Listing

    1. A1 B12 - Slope
    2. B1 B12 - Magnetic Fields
    3. B2 B12 - Static Glitch
    4. MP3 ONLY B12 - Hall of Mirrors (Digitonal's Strings in Space Remix)

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    Release Date: 9th July, 2007