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  1. B1215SE


    Format: Vinyl

    Second Edition repress of B1215. This Second Edition has different colour label artwork and is LIMITED to 500 copies. Once these are sold there will be no more vinyl copies left.

    See B1215 for more details...

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    B1215 Side A
    Inner Edge - B1215A
    Inner Edge - Attempt 2
    Inner Edge - Redcell
    Inner Edge - ? B12 1996
    Inner Edge - Redcell
    Inner Edge - Released '07

    Outer Edge - The ecliptic new age begins with a deluge of sound?
    Outer Edge - Its just a matter of time ? Those who remain will see feel and hear
    Outer Edge - The truth is in the runout grooves
    Outer Edge - ? Btwelve records

    B1215 Side B
    Inner Edge - B1215B

    Artist Commentary

    "Well finally here it is, 10 years since we made the first Test Pressings! To be honest we probably didn?t think this time would come, and probably nor did any fans of the label. Good things come to those that wait !!! This release signifies the end of Chapter 1 in the B12 story - Please read on" - Steve Rutter

    "Etching a lacquer under a lamp in my kitchen with a nervous hand, after a 10 year gap since I did the last one... I'm glad it's over!!! :-)" - Mike Golding

    Track Listing

    1. A1 B12 - Practopia
    2. A2 B12 - Solitude
    3. B1 B12 - New Age
    4. B2 B12 - Deluge (Slide Mix)
    5. B3 B12 - Ecliptic

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    Release Date: 9th July, 2007