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  1. B1214.2

    Redcell / Elegy / Esoterik

    Format: vinyl

    12" vinyl split release with A.R.T. Records.

    Alternative catalogue number ART 7.2

    Artist Commentary

    "Around this time I was dabbling with 3D Studio for DOS on a 486 PC with 128MB of RAM. Eventually I generated the labels using the revolutionary Caligari Truespace v1.0 for Windows!" - Mike Golding (2007)

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Elegy - \P Switch
    2. A2 Esoterik - Thru
    3. B1 Redcell - Climatic Calm
    4. B2 Redcell - Practopia

    Release Date: 1st May, 1995