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  1. B1212.5


    Format: CD, Download

    "The B12 Records Archive" is a 7 volume double CD series collecting the entire B12 Records music archive from 1990-2005 including 96 tracks and 27 previously unreleased tracks.

    B12 Records announce the re-opening of their archives with a 7 volume series, to include every track released on B12 Records between 1990 and 2007.

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    All tracks on disc 1 written and constructed by B12 (Mike Golding and Steve Rutter) at The Epicentre Studios London, UK.

    All tracks on disc 2 written and constructed by STASIS (Steve Pickton) at Otherworld Studios London, UK.

    Disc 1 tracks 1,3,6 and Disc 2 tracks 5-7 originally released Aug 1993 on limited edition CD as REDCELL/STASIS (Cat. No. B12CD1)

    Disc 2 tracks 1-4 originally released Jul 1993 on limited edition vinyl as STASIS (Cat. No. B1211)

    Disc 1 tracks 2,4,5 originally released Jul 1993 on limited edition vinyl as REDCELL (Cat. No. B1208)

    * Previously unreleased - Recorded 1993

    Album concept by Mike Golding and Steve Rutter, Artwork by Mike Golding. Digitally remastered by Precise Mastering, UK.

    All music, logos and artwork B12 Records/B12 Music/Mainframe Music 1990-2009 All rights reserved.

    Track Listing

    1. Wastelands
    2. Interim
    3. One Thing in Mind
    4. Soundtrack of Fear
    5. Outerim
    6. Solar Winds
    7. U13 *
    8. Freeflow *
    9. Point of no Return
    10. Funky Purple Hotpants
    11. I Think it's in here
    12. Questions for Vanmannan
    13. VCF
    14. Funky Purple Hotpants (FTPD)
    15. Paul's Interlude

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    Release Date: 30th March, 2009