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  1. B1212.4


    Format: CD, Download

    "The B12 Records Archive" is a 7 volume double CD series collecting the entire B12 Records music archive from 1990-2005 including 96 tracks and 27 previously unreleased tracks.

    B12 Records announce the re-opening of their archives with a 7 volume series, to include every track released on B12 Records between 1990 and 2007.

    Volume four of this epic series collects three different original vinyl EP’s from B12’s historical label B12 Records. Recording under the names of Redcell and their darker pseudonym Cmetric, B12 paint a picture of distant planets and lost worlds in the more thoughtful side of Techno.

    These 15 stirring tracks span 4 years from 1992 to 1995 and cover the time between the seminal Warp releases of Electro Soma and Time Tourist.

    CD1 Collects the Redcell explorations of Mike Golding and Steve Rutter from 1992 and 1995 which were only previously released on limited edition vinyl, B1207 and B1214.2. It was the tracks from the 1992, B1207 that first raised the profile of B12 Records, the critically acclaimed EP is said to be responsible for raising the attentions of WARP records which started a relationship which is now legendary. Included on this disc are another two previously unreleased tracks, recorded in 1992.

    CD2, shows the innovation of B12’s later work. A darker more experimental phase which saw the inclusion of DB5, from B1210, on Time Tourist the duo’s second Warp Album. Included on this disc are another two previously unreleased tracks, recorded in 1994, both are classic deep techno which should not be missed.

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    The B12 Records Archive™ is a complete retrospective of B12 Records 1990-1996, the entire back catalogue spanning seven volumes. The series contains the tracks that shaped Warp Records’ Artificial Intelligence series and every highly collected vinyl EP that came before and after.

    All tracks written and constructed by B12 (Mike Golding and Steve Rutter) at The Epicentre Studios London, UK.

    Disc 1 tracks 1-4 originally released Apr 1992 on limited edition vinyl as REDCELL (Cat. No. B1207)

    Disc 1 tracks 5,6 originally released May 1995 on limited edition vinyl as REDCELL (Cat. No. B1214.2)

    Disc 2 tracks 1-4 originally released Apr 1994 on limited edition vinyl as CMETRIC (Cat. No. B1210)

    Disc 2 track 5 originally released Apr 1995 on limited edition vinyl as REDCELL (Cat. No. B1214.1)

    * Previously released on the B12 Album “Time Tourist” on Warp Records 1996

    ** Previously unreleased - Recorded 1992 *** Previously unreleased - Recorded 1994

    Album concept by Mike Golding and Steve Rutter, Artwork by Mike Golding. Digitally remastered by Precise Mastering, UK.

    All music, logos and artwork © B12 Records/B12 Music/Mainframe Music 1990-2009 All rights reserved.

    Track Listing

    1. Captive Planet
    2. Why The Reason
    3. At the Edge
    4. Soundtrack of a Stranger
    5. Infinite Lites
    6. Climatic Calm
    7. Sanctum **
    8. Awakening **
    9. Cqual
    10. Tribeca
    11. ECHO T.R.X. 314
    12. DB5 *
    13. The City (Inhabited by Cmetric)
    14. U12 ***
    15. Prowess ***

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    Release Date: 23rd February, 2009