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  1. B1211


    Format: vinyl

    Limited edition grey vinyl 300 copies

    There were two editions of this twelve, one with a light orange label and another with a pinkish label. This colour change was not intentional and came about due to an artwork error that resulted in the first pressing coming out pink rather than orange.

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    A: "Stasis ~ A condition in which time passes very slowly: ratios can be as high as a billion years of real time to a few seconds in stasis. (An object in stasis is very nearly invulnerable)"

    B: "Stasis would like to thank: B12 T.I.R.S. 2 Daves Paul S. Neuron Atmosphere & Likemind: you have reached the point of no return"

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Stasis - Point Of No Return
    2. A2 Stasis - Funky Purple Hotpants
    3. B1 Stasis - I Think It's In Here!
    4. B2 Stasis - Questions For Vanmannan

    Release Date: 5th July, 1993