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  1. B1210


    Format: Vinyl

    Limited edition fluorescent pink vinyl 300 copies

    DB5 was later to be released on the Warp LP Time Tourist.

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    A: "Bio mechanical digital music"

    B: "My time is yours"

    Artist Commentary

    "The first release of Cmetric (see-metric). Cmetric represented the slightly darker side of B12 a slightly harsher sound mixed with spine chilling chords and atmosphere." - Mike Golding (2007)

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Cmetric - Cequal
    2. A2 Cmetric - Tribeca
    3. B1 Cmetric - Echo T.R.X. 314
    4. B2 Cmetric - DB 5

    Release Date: 11th April, 1994