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  1. B1209


    Format: Cassette

    Limited edition 400 copies

    Hand packaged in a card box measuring 210mm x 155mm x 34mm. The cassette contains interview snippets and music extracts along with full length tracks, including previously unreleased mixes.

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    Questions by Peter Van Eynde @ Radio Metropolis, Antwerp, Belgium, Nov 1992. Thanks to Rob and Steve @ Warp for their co-operation in compiling this release.

    Artist Commentary

    "Finding the box to package a cassette into wasn't very easy and very expensive. Finally we had boxes custom made with two stickers for artwork on the front and the back, I remember sitting in Steve's flat one night constructing flat packed cardboard boxes and putting a sticker on the front and back of each of the 400 boxes !!!!" - Mike Golding (2007)

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Experimental Music
    2. A2 Outerim
    3. A3 Drift (Outro)
    4. A4 Question 1
    5. A5 Hall Of Mirrors (Mix II)
    6. A6 Basic Rhythm
    7. A7 Cymetry (Cektion)
    8. A8 Question 2
    9. A9 Tommorow Is Yesterday
    10. B1 We Know!
    11. B2 Telefone 529 (Dub Mix)
    12. B3 Binary Fault
    13. B4 Answer
    14. B5 Ancient Egypt
    15. B6 Shadow Of A Former Self (Intro)
    16. B7 Question 3
    17. B8 Pantone 137
    18. B9 Cqual (Intro)

    Release Date: 15th February, 1993