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  1. B1207


    Format: vinyl

    This limited release was also known as the "Retreat from Unpleasant Realities EP" and came out before B1206 which was eventually delayed until November of 1992.

    This release was the first intentionally strictly limited release on B12 Records. It was designed to be a "3 colour" release, blue, black, red.

    Limited edition blue vinyl 150 copies

    Limited edition red vinyl 150 copies

    Limited edition black vinyl 150 copies

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    Side A

    Inner Edge - Btwelve Records
    Inner Edge - In Your Mind
    Inner Edge - You are reading the mirror

    Side B
    Inner Edge - The Future Has Only Just Started B12

    Centre Scroll - Strictly limted edition 3 colour pressing

    Outer Edge - Where is Techno City
    Outer Edge - Will it ever be found ????
    Outer Edge - What is over the edge ????
    Outer Edge - The mirror holds the key

    Artist Commentary

    The label artwork which became known as "the men" is in actual fact a repeated abstract from a photo of the Lloyds Building in London. The sticker of the same design with the words "Retreat From Unpleasant Realities" was intended to be put onto all future release record sleeves but the wide adoption of the name "Redcell - The Retreat From Unpleasant Realities EP" forced us to change that decision, through fear of causing confusion in the future. - Mike Golding (2007)

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Redcell - Captive Planet
    2. A2 Redcell - Why The Reason
    3. B1 Redcell - At The Edge
    4. B2 Redcell - Soundtrack Of A Strange Er

    Release Date: 27th April, 1992