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  1. B1205


    Format: Vinyl

    The first outing of Redcell

    Limited quantities were pressed on purple opaque vinyl, 300 in total..

    Artist Commentary

    It was around the summer of 1992 that we first owned a Roland JD800 -- that features prominently in Active Emotion -- not a small, or cheap synth and at one time we were doing gigs with two of them on stage. One such gig was in Scotland and it was so hot the condensation coming from the ceiling had melted the paint and the JD and Juno had red spots of paint all over them. - Mike Golding (2007)

    "Paradroid - WHAT A TUNE! - Mike Golding(2007)

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Active Emotion
    2. B1 Paradroid
    3. B2 Inaneion

    Release Date: 24th August, 1992