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  1. B1203

    Future/Past / Zee# / As One

    Format: Vinyl

    The third catalogue number on B12 Records actually came out before B1202, released in late October 1991 and B1202 was delayed until January of the following year.

    The As One and Future/Past tracks constitute Kirk Degiorgio's first vinyl release.

    Initially came out as a promo with a sketched image of the B12 label, with no artist or tracklistings.

    Released later with official label..

    All tracks by Kirk Degiorgio except A2 "TV People" by Matt Cogger (Neuropolitique) and Lee Purkis (In Sync).

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    Side A: Turn to the seventh city: B12 Records - One note to rule them all: One note to find them: One note to bring them all: and in the darkness... - THIRD EYE MUSIC

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Future/Past - Dance Intellect
    2. A2 Zee# - TV People
    3. B1 As One - Our Paths Meet
    4. B2 As One - Harmony Park
    5. B3 As One - Your Hand In My Mind

    Release Date: 25th October, 1991