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  1. B1201


    Format: Vinyl

    B1201 by Musicology, was available on the 9th September 1991, the first release after the label was founded in late 1990.

    The EP had a limited vinyl pressing of 1000 copies, 300 on clear vinyl and 700 on black.

    Two tracks from this release, Telefone 529 and Obsessed, were later released on critically acclaimed WARP Records LP Electro Soma.

    Etchings/Sleeve Notes

    Side A

    Centre Scroll - she will never again feel . . .
    Centre Scroll - . . . Musique concrete . . .

    Inner Edge - : beware of future bass seven : Inner Edge - B:TWELVE B12:EXPRESSIONS OF THE FUTURE:B12

    Side B

    Outer Edge - Pure Undiluted Techno !!
    Outer Edge - B12 recors : a new chapter . . . In technology : B12 records

    Centre Scroll - we don?t control minds , , , . . . We free them

    Inner Edge - All tracks written and produced by Mike Mann + Steve Kobo. 1991

    Artist Commentary

    "I remember holding a microphone to an old dark grey plastic telephone to get the sample of the "speaking clock". There was no desired time we wanted, anything would have been ok, but 8-55 was the only one we correctly fitted into the limited memory of our Akai S900 sampler without chopping the end off. And the track title... well that came from the fact that it was 5 minutes to 9, '529'." - Mike Golding (2007)

    Track Listing

    1. A1 Fear Of Expression
    2. A2 Telefone 529
    3. B1 Metropolis
    4. B2 Obsessed

    Release Date: 9th September, 1991